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Nous recherchons pour un grand groupe pharmaceutique un Data Governance & Analytics Expert

As the Data Governance & Analytics Expert (DG&AE) within our affiliate, you will play a pivotal role in shaping and executing the comprehensive strategy for data management and analytics. Your leadership will be instrumental in ensuring the effective utilization of data assets, from acquisition to advanced analysis, in alignment with the affiliate’s business objectives.

You work closely with various local and global departments to collect, prepare, organize, protect, and analyze data assets while ensuring the company meets industry best practices. Leading interdisciplinary teams, improving and streamlining data systems within the company, and driving innovation.

Data Asset & Analytics Expert Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Leadership: Design, develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for data management and analytics tailored to the affiliate’s business objectives.
  • Data Management: Oversee data collection, storage, quality, and confidentiality, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards within the affiliate.
  • Advanced Analytics: Lead initiatives in advanced analytics to transform data into actionable insights, providing strategic intelligence to drive affiliate growth.
  • Innovation: Identify innovative opportunities to leverage data for process improvement and business expansion within the affiliate.
  • Data Governance: Develop and implement data governance policies specific to the affiliate, ensuring data quality, confidentiality, and security.
  • Data Stewardship: Implement and supervise Data Stewardship practices to ensure responsible and secure data use throughout its lifecycle within the affiliate.
  • Global Collaboration and business needs translation: Collaborate closely with global functions and international teams to align affiliate strategies with the overall company approach. Act as a translator of internal client needs and issues within the affiliate, bridging communication with global and IT functions.
  • Data Acquisition: Supervise data acquisition from various providers based on identified needs from business partners within the affiliate.
  • Capability Development: Drive the enhancement of affiliate capabilities, particularly focusing on analytical functions related to new data sources.


Required Skills:

  • Strong Experience in data management and analytics, preferably at a leadership level within an affiliate in an international environment. 
  • A strong background in IT and business in Pharmaceutical companies is required. Minimum of 8 to 10 years of experience.
  • Knowledge of relevant applications, big data solutions, and tools as RDI GTM Redshift database and the related global source systems EpiCX, Veeva Promomats, Veeva Vault Clinical and Aspire….
  • In-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and trends in the field of data science.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills with or without authority, large technical teams.
  • Excellent communication skills to present complex insights in an understandable manner to affiliate stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated ability to align data and systems strategy with the affiliate’s business objectives.
  • Project management skills.
  • Analytically minded.
  • Professionalism and ethical behavior.
  • Business acumen, and a solid understanding of problem-solving and decision-making using data. 
  • Critical thinking & problem solving.
  • Business focused. Technology is the enabler, not the raison d’être.
  • Coalition builder.
  • Data Asset & Analytics Expert is a GSDer (get s*** done).
  • Visionary: Creates an ambitious vision, shares it and translates it into common, meaningful objectives 
  • Architect: seeks to create value throughout the organization, shaping the culture. Builds and empowers teams by delegating clear decision-making powers, fostering exchanges within departments/teams and between them. and between them
  • Catalyst: Helps connect « heart and mind » and the work of each other towards a collective goal, creating links and maintaining collaboration within the organization. Removes roadblocks and obstacles, creating clarity, focus and energy within the organization.
  • Coach: Contributes to the development of a mindset, behaviors and skills success, acting as a role model and coach, with a willingness to be coached as well. Asks questions and provides feedback on a regular basis promoting continuous learning within the organization.


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